Senior Minister

Richard L. Coffey Sr

Richard Coffey Sr. is a native of Lexington, Kentucky.  He was added to the Lord’s church in 1971, under the teaching of Alfred Hooker.  He is married to Dorothy Nicholson, and to this union they have two sons Michael and Richard Jr. and two daughters Cheryl and Belinda.

His academic credentials include Kentucky State University, Florida Junior College, Florida School of Preaching and the FBI Academy.

He served the Southwest Church of Christ in Lake City, Florida.  He along with Bro. Herbert Nicholson established the Sweetwater Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida, in the spring of 1977 with 8 members.  The church today has a membership of two hundred and seventy.


Trevonte Peterson

Trevonte Peterson is a native of Greenville,Alabama. Born to Tamecha Peterson and the late Arthur Chambers on February 22,1996. As a child he was brought up in the church by his grandmother Sis.Janice Peterson at the Hickory St Church of Christ, his work for Christ began on Dec 18,2004 at the age of 8 yrs old when he preached his first sermon entitled “Do you know the man” and since then he had been blessed to travel across these United states and abroad spreading the message of Jesus. He has preached on countless gospel meetings, lectureships, and conferences across the brotherhood and to this date has personally baptized over 200 souls into the body of Christ. He is the preaching son of Bro.Bishnoo Rampersad of the College St Church of Christ. He has served as the Pulpit Minister for the Sylvania Heights Church of Christ in Fort Walton Beach, Fl where the Lord tripled the congregation size within the first 6 months.He is recent graduate of Faulkner University Majoring in Bible Studies and a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity,Inc. His favorite hobbies are fishing, traveling and cooking. He lives by the golden rule,” do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. He is overjoyed at the opportunity to labor with the flock of God at the Sweetwater Church of Christ where he recently took on the ministers role.



Richard L. Coffey Sr.

Senior Minister 

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